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Contracting Partners

Unique Supply specializes in leak repair and the application of composites for rehabilitation of assets as well as coatings and linings.  We are able to offer turn key solutions through our trusted, certified contractor partners.  We provide on site supervision and QC.

On-line Leak Repair

  • Concentrated Chemicals

  • Gas

  • Water(process and potable)

  • All process leaks

  • High pressure stream*

  • HIgh heat steam*

*ASME PCC-2 Compliant*

Composite Repairs

  • Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Concrete

  • Aluminum

  • Rebuild aging and corroded systems

  • Repair failing weld seams, stress cracks, and chemically induced corrosion

  • Substitute for costly weld overlay

  • Engineered designs

Mechanical Clamp / Enclosure Repair

  • Split bolted fittings, clamps and enclosures

  • Standard catalog items or custom designed

  • With or without injectable sealant

  • Reinforced to resist pressure end thrust to ASME PCC-2

Drill Tap Inject Valve Packing with Non-Hardening Sealant to ensure continued operations of valve.

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