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Midsun Specialty Products

Leak Repair and Leak Sealing is always a difficult task. Whether it be liquid or gaseous lines, stopping a leak can be a safety hazard for a multitude of reasons.

Midsun Specialty Products has taken a two-pronged approach to addressing leaks and the safety risks they impose.

  • Hydrogen Detect-a-Tape is a proprietary tape that is applied to junctions, valves, and fittings in hydrogen piping systems. When hydrogen is leaking, the tape will change from a light gray to a distinct black color to alert you to the potential danger of leaking hydrogen gas.

  • E/Fusing self-fusing silicone tapes offer rapid leak sealing capabilities for situations like mentioned above, as well as other liquid and gas lines. And because the tape is silicone based, it has excellent chemical compatibility with virtually all chemicals.

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